Festival Policies

Do’s and Don’ts at Red, White & BOOM!

Our Festival Policies serve as a guide outlining our commitment to creating a secure and enjoyable environment for all attendees.

By establishing clear policies, we aim to foster a sense of community and uphold the values of inclusivity, safety and respect throughout the festivities. Let’s make sure every guest feels welcome and understands their role in maintaining a positive experience for everyone!

  Prohibited Viewing Areas

Broad St. Bridge and Coleman’s Point – the grass west of Civic Center, along the river. Please note that Bridge St. Bridge is closed to pedestrian traffic at 9 PM (time is subject to change).

  Prohibited Items

Alcoholic beverages, portable gas or charcoal grills, temporary pools, large furniture and generators are prohibited. Alcohol may be purchased and consumed along the Midway on Civic Center, Main St., Belle Street and Washington Blvd.


Red, White & BOOM! is a great place for people but not for pets. Heat and crowded conditions can make BOOM! a stressful and potentially unhealthy place for dogs and other animal companions. We love pets and that’s why we ask that you please leave yours at home.


Coolers are permitted. Please have your cooler labeled with your name and cell phone number. Due to security concerns, unattended coolers may be confiscated by Columbus Police.